ZaK - Setting up a Payment Gateway

If your reservation is guaranteed by credit card, ZaK allows you to easily transfer the amount to your account. Before, it is necessary to enable the Gateways payment system. Go to the section below to setup this functionality:

↳ Link: ZaK > Settings > Configurations > Payment Gateways

Currently the available gateways are 7: Stripe, PayPal, Nexi, MercadoPago, Yandex, PayZen and Redsys. To enable the service, first you need to have an account with one of them.

Please Note: Stripe sets a default limitation that must be changed for this service to integrate with Zak. The name of this option inside the Stripe Control Panel is "Process payments unsafely" and it must be disabled. Don't worry, your data will not be in danger and its deactivation is necessary to interact with Stripe!

Once inside the gateway card, you can click on the + on the top right. If for example you want to configure Stripe, you need to enter your Secret API Key and your Stripe Public API Key (these codes are provided by Stripe and allow ZaK to identify the Stripe profile to be credited):

Once configured, if the cancellation policy of a reservation requires a deposit or a penalty, you'll be able to request a payment to your guests from the Admin section inside the reservation. Here you can click on "Payments", then on "Get a Payment" and on "CHARGE AMOUNT". To proceed you'll need to enter your password to view the CC details.

☞ Docs: Configure password for Credit Cards

- If the guest is non-European, you should have no problem with PSD2. You should therefore be able to charge his CC without any problems. In this case it is necessary to have configured Stripe in ZaK.

- If instead the guest is European and you are unable to charge his CC due to PSD2, then you must use the Guarantee Methods. So, before charging the guest's CC, you need to request authorization from the guest (to freeze an amount or to charge his CC later). In this case, you must have configured Stripe or Nexi or PayZen in ZaK.

You will find more information on the Guarantee Methods and how they work in the documentation below:

☞ Docs: ZaK - Guarantee Methods for Reservations

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