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0- Preliminary Conditions:

- First you have to get a account! (you can not create it from WuBook..)

- And you have to ensure that the Tabla in WuBook is correctly fulfilled with correct price, restrictions and availability*, because directly after first connection the extranet of will be overwritted with the values in the Tabla.

*Note regarding "availability": With the OTA, we have possibility to download the previous reservation already present in the extranet. So, to get correct availability in the Tabla, ideally you have to enter all reservations that are NOT from, and then, after first connection, you will have possibility to import all reservations from And so, you will get in the Tabla of WuBook, the real availability.

 Once the preliminary conditions are fulfilled, the process is the following:


1- Select

In the list of available channels, from WOODOO / Channels / New Channels

2- Send the connection request

From WOODOO / Channels / My Channels, You have to click on the name of the channel:

And in the configuration page, you have to enter the Hotel ID of Booking.con and then click on "Confirm":

3- Select WuBook

And the connection type, from the extranet of,

From "Account", you'll find a section called "channel manager" from which it will be possible for you to activate the xml connection.

You will be asked to proceed to those different steps:

- Step 1 / 5 : click on "Start"

- Step 2 / 5: Write "WuBook" in the square where they ask to select the supplier

- Step 3 / 5: Select the connection type: 2 ways! (to download reservations, and to update prices/availability/restictions)

 When, on step 3, you see "waiting for configuration from the supplier..", it is ok, it means you can go back to WuBook to proceed.


4- Configure the channel

You will have to Logout and Login again in order to update the WuBook extranet. Once you go back to WOODOO / Channels / My Channels, and you click on, to enter in the configuration page, you should see a button "Ready to configure"

Click on that button. (if you don't see this button, please wait few minutes and do logout / login again) Then, you have to click on "Configure" and confirm "Yes , i want to reconfigure"

At that moment the system will download the list of your rooms and the list of your rates.

You will have to proceed with the "Rooms Association":

And then, you will have to do the "Rates association"

And finally, you have to save the "Preferences", at the bottom of the page.

(in a normal configuration, you don't have to modify the preferences)

5- Confirm connection

from the extranet of,

Come back to the section "Channel manager" of

If you refresh the page (F5), you should now see that you are in step 4 / 5.

By clicking on "Confirm Connection" you will get to the last step 5 / 5.


6- Wait maximum 30 min

After a maximum of 30 min, you should see from WOODOO / Channels, that the gears are running:

 When you see the gears running, it means that the communication is OK:

- You will receive reservations from

- The extranet of is updated with the values of the Tabla from WuBook.

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