0- Preliminary Conditions:

- First you have to get an Expedia account! (you can not create it from WuBook..)

- And you have to ensure that the Tabla in WuBook is correctly fulfilled with correct price, restrictions and availability*, because directly after first connection the extranet of Expedia will be overwritted with the values in the Tabla. 

Once the preliminary conditions are fulfilled, the process is the following:

1- Select Expedia

In the list of available channels,from WOODOO / Channels / New Channels In this page, you can look for the channel and then click on "+" to add it


2- Send the connection request

From WOODOO / Channels / My Channels, you have to click on the name of the channel: and in the configuration page, you have to enter the Hotel ID of Expedia and then click on "Startup":


3- Select WuBook and the connection type

From the extranet of Expedia

From "Rates and Inventory", you'll find a section called "Expedia Quick connect Settings" from which it will be possible for you to activate the xml connection. Or, in the new extranet:

There you select Woodoo in the list (it is the last one)
And you select "Availability and rates " and "bookings retrieval" to get 2 ways connection


4- Configure the channel

You will have to Logout and Login again in order to update the WuBook extranet: 

Once you go back to WOODOO / Channels / My Channels, and you click on Booking.com, to enter in the configuration page, you should see :

There, you have to select the fees (commission) that you have contracted with Expedia. (please check in your contract).

And you should select also the correct Vat model.

NOTE: you should NEVER change the Username or the Password. They are specific for the XML connection. They are different than the ones used to access as a user in Expedia extranet.

Then, you have to click on "Configure" and confirm "Yes , i want to reconfigure"

At that moment the system will download the list of your rooms and the list of your rates.

You will have to proceed with the "Rooms Association":

And then, you will have to do the "Rates association"

And finally, you have to set the "Preferences", at the bottom of the page.

In the last line "Min Stay type", you have to set "WuBook MinStay".

And "Save".

5- Check that it is running..

If everything was correctly saved, you should see from WOODOO / Channels, that the gears are running:

 When you see the gears running, it means that the communication is OK:

- You will receive reservations from Booking.com

- The extranet of Booking.com is updated with the values of the Tabla from WuBook.




Expedia pricing models

Expedia has 3 pricing models:

  • Per Day Pricing (PDP),
  • Occupancy Based Pricing (OBP)
  • Per Person Pricing (PPP) model.
WooDoo supports only the first 2 models: Per Day Pricing (PDP), Occupancy Based Pricing (OBP), so you will need to set up either one of these to be able to manage Expedia from the channel manager.

The restrictions that WooDoo sends to Expedia are:

  • closure
  • minStay
  • maxStay
  • closedToArrival
  • closedToDeparture.

Attention. Note that Expedia can manages the minstay or the minstay on arrival restriction, individually and NOT TOGETHER.

When your account is configured on the Expedia extranet, you can determine if the "minstay" (set up on the extranet, or on the channel manager in this case) should be meant as "MinStayThrought" or "MinStayArrival" (on Expedia, the "MinStayThrought" is exactly the WuBooK "MinStay" and the Expedia "MinStayArrival" is exactly the WuBooK "MinStayArrival").

IMPORTANT: Be sure that you have correctly set the value to the "MinStay" on your Expedia account!

ATTENTION: Any value you set up on WuBook, Expedia will read it as the value of its extranet! If you decide to send on WooDoo the value set up on "MinStay", but on Expedia this value is read as "MinStayArrival", your "MinStay" on WuBooK will read on Expedia as "MinStayArrival"!

For this reason, is strictly recommended to set up on " Channel Preferences" of WooDoo the same type of "MinStay" of the Expedia extranet.   

Expedia sell rate or net rate

Properties in Expedia have an automatic function to calculate the final price depending on the configuration:

  • Sell rate: The price received from the channel manager will remain as received.
  • Net rate: The price received from the channel manager will be modify by Expedia by adding on top the VAT and its own commissional level. 

In the configuration page WooDoo-Expedia it is possible to indicate VAT and Commission level so that WooDoo can calculate these values and send NET prices to Expedia

ATTENTION. It's possible to set up these values once you have clicked on the TEST button and before clicking on continue.


In this case, if the property uses the NET rate model, the final price in Expedia will match the price in WuBook. 

Expedia can ask for allotment or contracted room availability

Expedia has 2 fields for the availability: flexible and base

The Channel Manager manages only the flexible availability, the base availability corresponds to the allotment. On the configuration page of Expedia in WooDoo you can indicate the number of contracted rooms (allotment) of each of your rooms.

☞ Docs: Allotment

In this case the allotment will be substracted off the total availability updated in WuBook so that the addition of the Flexible Availability + Base Availability in Expedia matches that updated in WuBook. 

Price Limits

Expedia has minimum and maximum limits on its prices.

By default the price per night cannot be less than 15 euro. It is important you know these limits because, if the channel manager was to send an update with prices above or below the limits - such update will not go through and prices will not be updated!


In Expedia is possible to reconcile (Expedia Partner Central - Accounts - Reconcile) amounts that are considered as:

- no show

- modification of the reservation

- cancellations

With this function is possible to update the total amount to be charged to the client to avoid having to pay commissions for the wrong amount.

Attention: Reconciling a reservation in Expedia for No Show doesn´t mean the reservation gets cancel and therefore the availability doesn´t increase automatically! Only reconciling a cancellation will actually cancel a reservation and increase the rooms availability.