In order to access to the RateChecker service and to set up the research parameters, you need only to click on the specific icon among the fast links on the WuBooK extranet.

 ‚Ü≥ Link utile: Auth Factory > Rate Checker

After entering on the area, the Rate Checker starting configuration consists of the addition of the competitors list to be analysed with the frequency indicator with whom make the investigation. Please click on the "configure competitors" item to proceed. 

  • Competitors Selection

First of all, it is necessary to identify the competitor property to be monitored and make it visible to RateChecker.

In order to do this, you should insert the property name and the place/city of the competitor to be analysed on the competitors configuration page. After you inserted all values, please click on the "search" button to begin the research (it could lasts few minutes).

For example, in case if you want to monitor the Hotel Rossini prices in Pesaro, you should insert "Rossini" as the competitor name and "Pesaro" as the city, starting then the research.

If the property is present in the main online channels, RateChecker will indicate it on a list to be selected. 

  • Snapshots: service frequency and length

After selecting the competitor from the list, the Hotel Rossini in this case, some menu will be opened just clicking on the property name to indicate: analysis frequency or rather how often the system has to consult the competitors prices. Selecting the Daily section, the system will monitor the prices every day, selecting "every 2 days" the system will monitor the prices every 2 days etc. until the maximum snapshot (4 weeks).

The second item is the analysis length or rather the service duration: it has a relevant cost (coins) to be activated when the test period expires. 


When the frequency and the length are set up, please click on the button "Add to monitored" in order to launch the scan.


N.B. A snapshot is an internet reading of a competitor prices. The system automatically makes the readings (snapshot) following the indicated frequency in order to maintain the data updated.

When a snapshot is added, the stay is automatically = 1 night.


  • Specify the stay duration

Every time a competitor is added, the system analyses the offer related to one night price. Instead, if you want monitor the offers connected to longer stays, it is necessary to add this parameter selecting it by the menu on the Duration field and then clicking on the button "Add stay": this way a new snapshot will appear having a different stay Duration.


Attention: please do not confuse the stay "duration" selected with the snapshot duration, which is represented by the "length" value.