Reconfigurer un canal

Each time a room or rate is added or removed in the OTA portal, the relevant channel in the WooDoo Channel Manager needs to be reconfigured.

Docs:What is a Channel Manager

☞ Docs:What is an OTA?

With the reconfiguration, the channel downloads the updated list of rooms and rates present in the OTA, so that they can be linked to the WuBooK categories and rate plans. You proceed from the WuBook extranet section: WooDoo > Channels

Below is a link to the widely used 2 OTA reconfiguration manuals:

☞ Docs: Creare una camera

☞ Docs: Rate Plans

From the Woodoo channel detail page, click on the Configure button (at the top of the page) and then give confirmation to automatically download the new map of rooms and rates.

After that, proceed as in the first configuration of the channel, associating again the rooms and rates of the portal to the corresponding rooms and rates of WuBook.

☞ Docs: Configuring a Channel

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