Configuration du Canal

A channel of the Channel Manager WooDoo connects to a existing profile on the OTA portal, WuBook does not take care of your affiliation to the portal. If your profile on OTA was already connected with another Channel Manager, before proceeding to our connection you must "disconnect" the old Channel Manager.

☞ Docs: What is a Channel Manager

☞ Docs: What is an OTA?

Before activating a channel it is very important that the data in your WuBook calendar (availability, prices, restrictions) are updated. Once started, the channel will send an annual update that will overwrite these data on the calendar in the OTA portal irreversibly.

☞ Docs: Set Prices, Restrictions and Availability

! ATTENTION ! Before activating the channel is important that on WuBook is configured the password for credit cards. Otherwise WuBook will not record the CC of incoming reservations from the channel.

☞ Docs: How to display credit card numbers

Once these conditions have been fulfilled, the connection can be carried out in 3 steps:

1. Channel acquisition: (see article below)

☞ Docs: Acquiring a Channel

2. Initialization of the connection: This is the authorization that the OTA portal must issue to WuBook for connection. Each portal has its own procedure and is described in the WooDoo channel itself. When the channel has not yet been activated, it is in a phase where the initialization procedure is described.

↳Useful Link: Auth Factory > WuBook/WooDoo > WooDoo > Channels

3. Channel configuration: When the portal authorizes Wubook to connect, the WooDoo channel becomes ready for configuration. On this step you can find an in-depth analysis below.

Channel configuration

Rooms Association

Once the OTA portal has authorized WuBook to connect with your profile, you can proceed with the configuration. Clicking on the button "Reconfigure" the channel will receive the list of rooms offered on the portal and it will be possible to associate to each room the corresponding WuBooK category. To activate the channel all the rooms of the portal must be connected to the different WuBooK rooms.

! ATTENTION ! The channel will NOT start unless all OTA rooms are associated.

On the contrary, you can not necessarily connect all the WuBook rooms to the portal, you can offer availability only from your site by entering a category of room in WuBook that is not connected to any room in the channels.

Rates Association

Once you have saved the rooms association, you can download the list of rates from the portal. A "rate" is a price list with which OTA sells your rooms, there is usually the standard rate: Not refundable, 7 nights, etc.).
You can link WuBook parity prices and standard restrictions to send to the portal the same prices and standard restrictions used for direct selling. Alternatively you can associate to each rate of the portal a rate plan and a restriction plan different from the standard ones.

☞ Docs: Special Offers and multiple rates

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☞ Docs: Restrictions Plans

You need to connect at least one rate, all rates do not need to be connected; not connecting a rate means that it will not be managed via xml. The same rate plan and restriction plan WuBooK can be used several times.

! ATTENTION ! The channel is active only when the green wheel symbol appears in the WooDoo > Channels section of your account. 

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