Pré-achat de services

Go to the Accounting page > Transactions of your Auth Factory then buy a "service credit". You can do it through the button at the top right of the page shown in the image below

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > Finance > Balance

Once you have purchased credit, all debts that will accumulate over time (renewal of services) shown in the current transaction column will be deducted from your credit.  This way no transactions will be generated until your credit has been used up.

☞ Docs: Balance of transactions

In the current transactions section, debts appear with a positive sign, therefore credit appears with a negative sign. The negative total is the residual credit and means that the debts that will be generated by the use of the services will continue to be deducted from the residual credit.

! ATTENTION ! The credit is related to the single property. If you manage several properties from a single account, please note that a credit will cover the debts generated by the services of a single property. If necessary, you can buy several credits for the different properties you manage.

☞ Docs: Multiple properties

! ATTENTION ! If you have closed transactions to pay formed before the purchase of the credit, these will still have to be paid. The credit will be used to scale up the new debts not yet closed visible in current transactions. Only if the credit scaled down in current transactions exceeds the cost of the transaction to be paid, then you can decide to pay it using the credit.

In the event that your reversed credit of current debts exceeds the transaction to be paid, a button appears on the payment form that allows you to settle the transaction using the credit.

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