Qu'est-ce qu'une OTA ?

The Online Travel Agencies (OTA) are online intermediation agencies (IDS) on the tourist area and they are fundamental in the world of tourist web marketing.

There are a lot of them, with different qualities and features and the main interest for the hoteliers is about the ability to receive reservations and the visibility awarded to the name of the property receptive on internet. The tourist entrusts the specialized websites, avoiding looking for the rooms through the search engine.  Therefore, many users, found the desired structure on the portal, realize a second searching to find the property website to consult more images and informations.

The presence on the OTA portals has also the role to give visibility to the property site. Although their large number, it seems that only a few of them collect a large number of users and convert visits to many reservations. Some professionals published an article on Wong, our blog; in particular, regarding the OTA and even more in particular, regarding a comparaison on their visibility. These portals are fundamental for the online rooms sale.

WuBooK has a natively integrated Channel manager  that allows you to optimize the online rooms sale synchronizing automatically availability and prices, either on the direct channel and on the booking portals.

☞ Docs: What is a Channel Manager?

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