ZaK - Templates: your text models (OBSOLETE)

In this page you can create custom templates that can be used in some Zak sections or to send emails to your guests, automatically or manually.
Currently you can create templates for:

  • Reservation messaging
  • Guest Page
  • Registration Card
  • Fiscal documents messaging
  • Fiscal documents messaging - without reservation
  • Online Reception
  • Feedbacks
  • Guarantee
  • CRM

The section can be reached by clicking the link below:

↳ Useful Link:  ZaK > Settings > Templates

1. Reservation Messaging

Here there is a template for each reservation status. The default templates (those with ) are not editable, but you can make a copy (by clicking on ) and then edit it (by clicking on ). You can also create completely new templates, by clicking on the top right on ADD NEW TEMPLATE.

When creating/editing a template, you can use the Keywords on the right to automatically insert elements related to the reservation (i.e guest name, dates, amounts, cancellation policy, etc). Below is an example of creating a new template: