How to create a new reservation

There are several ways on Zak to enter a direct booking (for example when a customer calls you on the phone or shows up directly at the property).

1. Youbook

You can access Youbook from Zak's main menu:

↳ Link : Auth Factory > Zak (All-in-One) > Reservations > Youbook

But it is also accessible from the quick links on the right side of the page:

if you want to learn more about Youbook, click on the link below:

☞ Docs: Youbook

2. Planner

You can also quickly enter a new reservation from the Planner. A data entry window will automatically open with a preselected the check-in date by clicking on an empty box.

↳ Link: Auth Factory > Zak (All-in-One) > Reservations > Planner

The New Reservation box gives you two possibilities:

- Fast save: enter the guest's name and surname and save the reservation. You can then enter all further details at any other time.
- Create with Youbook: create the reservation with Youbook. You can enter every detail of the reservation and immediately send the confirmation voucher to the customer.

The Close room tab allows you to remove a room from the sale without creating a reservation.

3. Reservation detail

Starting from an existing reservation, you can assign several rooms to the same customer, even for different periods.
Simply click on the + button next to the Rooms section's title, select the dates, and then click on the arrow.

☞ Docs: Reservation detail

4. Rack

You can also enter a new reservation  from the Rack section.
Just click on the box in the Rack section and then on "New Reservation" to open the reservation box. You can choose whether to save your reservation quickly or enter all the details.

↳ Link: Auth Factory > Zak (All-in-One) > Reservations > Rack

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