Physical rooms

A physical room is an accommodation that is actually available on your property.  Each room belongs to a specific room category. The price of a physical room depends on the category to which the room belongs.

☞ Docs: Room Categories

A small property (like a Bed&Breakfast) might have only one physical room for each category. In any case, it is necessary to enter the category first and then the physical room.

Creating a physical room is very simple. You just have to assign:

  • name
  • code
  • category.

Occupancy is the number of guests that the physical room can accommodate. Initially, the physical room inherits the occupancy from its category. Still, you can change it by modifying the Default Occupancy field.

In the example above physical rooms 02, 03 , 01, 04 belongs to STD category (occupancy: 2 adults). Physical Rooms TR01 and TR02 belong to TRP category (occupancy: 3 adults). We've created the QUAD category (occupancy: 4 adults), without associating any physical room.

A confirmed reservation is visible in the Planner. A single customer can book different stays, on different physical rooms, and for different periods.

In the example above, the reservation on behalf of Janis Joplin involves two physical rooms (102 and 104) that belong to the same category (DBL). The stay in room 104 lasts one day longer than in room 102.

A physical room can be closed for a specified period. In this case, the availability of the category is reduced by 1 unit for that period.

In the example, the single room 101 is closed from October 12 to 17.

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