What is a Channel Manager?

Hotels and accommodation properties sell their rooms not only on their websites but also on OTAs.

☞ Docs: What is an OTA?

On the OTA portals, you can define sales parameters (price, availability, minimum stay, etc.) for each room and each calendar day.
If you do not have a Channel Manager, every time you change a parameter or if a customer books a room, you have to make the changes manually on all the Extranets of the various OTAs.

A Channel Manager performs this "synchronization" automatically.

WooDoo's channel manager is a set of channels that connect a WuBook accommodation to the profiles of said structure inside all the OTAs it's connected with. The channel manager sends and receives the data of OTAs using the xml 2 ways protocol:

☞ Docs: WooDoo: the Channel Manager

  1. Sending updates from WuBook to the OTA in order to have the correct amount of rooms and the right availabilities, prices and restrictions: this serves the purpose of having a unique automated configuration: the one on WuBook. Once changes are made on WuBook – i.e. when a room's price or availability has been modified – an automatic update is sent to every OTA the channel is connected to.
  2. It automatically downloads reservations made on OTAs onto WuBook. This way, every direct reservation – made on the WuBook's online reception set on one's personal website - and every other reservations caught on OTAs will be updated on WuBook using xml calls from the Channel manager.

☞ Docs: Online Reception - WuBook

Whenever a reservation is made on WuBook, we immediately update it on every OTA synced in your account, thus preserving the true availability and price of every room.

With WooDoo, you can see how you can profit more while working less by not having to bother about the manual update of you rooms on every OTA you're connected to.

And, remember, a channel manager cannot modify the way a facility sell its rooms on an OTA and, moreover, it isn't able to remove rooms or rates: those operations have to be made with the OTA's assistance.

After a direct intervention on the extranet, it's necessary to re-configure WooDoo's channel. The Channel Manager doesn't manage cancellation policies of OTAs; you can manage that directly onto the Online Travel Agency-

For example, if you sell rooms with one profile and apartments with a different profile on Booking.com, you can activate two different channels towards the same WuBook structure with two different profiles on Booking.com.

☞ Docs: Acquiring a Channel

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