How to connect ZAK to the Channel Manager

The connection of Zak PMS to WooDoo Channel Manager and WuBook Booking Engine allows you to update your Channel Manager automatically with the data available in Zak.
The advantage of this solution is that the reservations that enter from the different sales channels are downloaded directly on Zak.

☞ Docs: What is a Channel Manager?
☞ Docs: Wubook Booking Engine

If you want to start using WuBook, you have to enable this connection before activating the WooDoo Channel Manager. In this way, when you activate the first channel, WuBook's availability will be correct.

Except for, OTAs do not allow you to download reservations created before the WooDoo activation. To correctly update the availability of your products, you must manually enter all your reservations on ZaK.

☞ Docs: New reservation

If you want to activate the channel WooDoo for, we recommend to activate it as the first channel. In this way, you won't have to insert your reservations manually.

In this case, we recommend you proceed as follows:

  • Configure ZaK: enter room categories and physical rooms
  • Enter reservations on ZaK manually (even those entered from the Otas except for
  • Configure WuBook: WuBook room categories can be created from Zak with a click following the instructions below:

1. Proceed with the connection between Zak and WuBook

2. Activate on WuBook (if you sell through this OTA).

☞ Docs: Room Categories

At this point, the room availability on ZaK and Wubook will be correct. Now you can proceed with the activation of WooDoo channels and optionally with the installation of WuBook on your website.

Are you already using WuBook?

You can proceed with Zak's configuration and download the WuBook room categories on ZaK with a click by following the instructions below. Then proceed with the connection and then download WuBook reservations on ZaK.

In case not all your reservations are listed on WuBook, you can manually enter them directly on ZaK. In this way, after the connection and the reservations' download, ZaK will have the correct room availability.

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