How to start with Rate Checker?

It is a very powerful tool that automatically runs searches, registers, displays and compares the prices and availability of your competitors set offer online.

↳ Link utile: Auth Factory > Rate Checker

Please note there is a free trial period of the Rate Checker. For every new competitor you start analyzing, the first 15 days analysis are free. Once the free trial period is finished, the cost per use is calculated based in the following variables:

  • Number of competitors to monitor (there is no maximum limit)

  • Length of the scan (snapshot)

  • Frequency of the scans (snapshots)

Insert a new Competitor

The initial set up consists on adding the competitors you want to monitor and how frequent you want to run analysis for.

You need only add the name of the competitor and the city where it is located. Rate Checker will search for the property on the internet and, if the property is listed in the main online reservation portals it will be possible to monitor.

Scans (Snapshots)

A snapshot is the visual scan of prices and availability of a competitor. It has its own length or the number of days you want to analyze. You can also indicate the frequency (days) in which you want to run these analyses for that property. The system will automatically run the snapshots following the indicated frequency to keep all data up to date.


Once the scan is done, Rate Checker displays the information for you to view and analyze its data (prices and availability of the competitor). This data is shown in graphic and chart forms.

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