Rate Plans

WuBook supports multiple rate plans. In other words, one room can be offered in various different price options. The typical examples are: Non Refundable, Early Booking, Special Offers, etc.

There are 2 types of Rate Plans: Daily and Intensive. There are also Virtual Rate Plans that prove extremely useful when managing different rate plans.

By default there´s a WuBook Parity Rate Plan which corresponds to your standard offer on your booking engine.

Add a new Rate Plan

To create a new rate plan please go to:

Rates > Plans

Once you have given it a name you can select the type of rate plan to create:

  • Intensive Rate Plan: It is used in simple scenarios. For example, for properties who only vary prices depending on the season (high, medium and low season). It would still be possible to modify prices per day. However, if you vary prices often we recommend you use a daily plan instead.

  • Daily Rate Plan: allow you to manage prices on a daily basis. If you follow a Yield Management strategy in which you base your daily selling prices, this plan is what you need. You could also use Sytar to update prices in long periods or per season.

Default prices on a rate plan

Same as with the availability, rate plans are also created with default values. These prices will be in use until over written by modifying them in Tabla. This is the reason why we recommend you enter as default value a high price.

Update an Intensive Rate Plan

It is very simple. You need to specify a time period (January 10th / February 10th) and update the price for each room on that period. You could also specify different prices depending on the day of the week to differentiate weekday prices from weekend prices for example.

Update a Daily Rate Plan

You can update prices of a daily rate plan directly on Tabla or by using the Sytar tool. In Tabla you can update day by day whereas with Sytar you can easily do a bulk update of long periods.

How to create a Virtual Rate Plan

Virtual rate plans are extremely powerful tools that allow you to manage your prices automatically by creating derived pricing rules in terms of percentage or fix amounts.

To add new virtual rate plans please visit:

Rates > Plans

You need to name it, choose the plan it is deriving from and the type of rule you want to create. On the Details tab you could add exceptions in which you want a specific price to apply instead of the automatically derived ones.

Set up the WuBook Parity Rate

You can access it too from:

Rates > Plans

This rate plan represents your standard rate on your booking engine. By default is a daily rate plan and you could associate it to one of your other rate plans. In reality, the WuBook Parity works in the exact same way any other rate plan would.

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