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Tabla is the availability calendar that allows you to work on every rate plan you have created to update your prices, availability and restriction plans on a daily basis.

These are the figures that can be updated on Tabla:

Prices, availability and restrictions

Before we start, please note that if you use the channel manager, not all portals support all the restrictions that can be managed from WuBook. So, if you use a portal that does not support minimum stay, even if you update the minimum stay in Tabla, this portal will not update these figures.


  • No OTA: when active, it closes your availability on all OTAs connected. However, it leaves open your availability in your Online Reception.

  • Min Stay: if updated with any number greater or equal to 2 (X), your rooms will not be available to book for stays of less than 2 nights.

  • Min Stay Arrival: is exactly like the min stay but this one applies only if the requested arrival date corresponds to the date when you enter the restriction.

  • Max Stay: if updated with any number greater or equal to 2 (X), your rooms will not be available to book for stays of more than X nights.

  • Closed: if activated, despite your real room availability, your rooms will not be available to book.

  • Closed to Arrival: if activated, the room will not be available to book for reservations arriving on that date.

  • Closed to Departure: if activated, the rooms will not be available to book for reservations departing on that date.


How to Use Tabla

You can access table from:

Rates / Tabla

Once in Tabla, to start making updates, you can select:

  • A date range

  • One of your Rate Plans

  • One of your Restriction Plans

Important: once you have selected the above parameters click on the button LOAD.

Tabla shows you, for each room type and for each date included on the range selected the following information:

First line:

  • Price

  • Availability (this figure is not available on virtual rooms, as these share availability with its mother room)

Second line:

  • Min Stay

  • Min Stay on Arrival

  • Max Stay

Third Line:

  • Close Box:

    • First Click - Green = open

    • Second Click - Black = close

    • Third Click - Red = close for arrival

  • Flag Box Closed to Departure

  • Number of received Reservations: This number shows the amount of online reservations received for that room and date.

By completing these values you will modify the rate plan and restrictions plan selected. Once you finish with the updates would need to click on SAVE changes to apply.

Other tools in Tabla


On the top right corner you will find some icons:

  • Green arrows: to hide restrictions. If you need to work on prices and availability and do not want the restrictions boxes to show on the calendar.

  • Magnifying Glass: Zoom. To enlarge the fount.

  • Life savior: Info and code to remind you what info you can input in each box.

  • Gears: Configuration of Tabla

  • Magic Wand: Sytar on Tabla. Helps you update the whole visualized period at once.

  • Door: Exit Tabla and go back to WuBook control panel.

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