Restrictions Plans

To have different restrictions on each of your rate plans (for example for each rate plan in you can create different restriction plans.

There are 2 types of restriction plans: Compact and Daily:

  • Compact plans are very simple; you set up the restrictions that will apply always independently of the date. These plans cannot be modified.

  • Daily plans allow you to modify restrictions on a daily basis. These are obviously a lot flexible but do also require your modifications.

There is a restrictions plan created by default named Standard Restrictions (or WuBook Restrictions). This is the plan that is used by your online reception and cannot be deleted.

Add a restrictions plan

To create a new restrictions plan please go to:

Rates > Plans

Just give it a name and choose its type.

How to update a Compact Restrictions Plan?

By clicking on its name you can edit its restrictions and save it.

How to update a Daily Restrictions Plan?

By clicking on its name you will access Tabla, in which you will be able to update the restrictions of this plan. You could also use Sytar to update this restrictions plan for long periods easily.

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