Reservas perdidas - integraci贸n fallida

This is the case when you have received a reservation on one of your OTAs, but this is not present in the Channel Manager, not even in error.

This might happen when the channel connection is suspended due to blocking errors, or a technical service outage (usually OTA side). When this happens, Wubook/Woodoo does not receive any news about these reservations: consequently it does not send notifications to the property and does not update the availability neither on its calendar nor, consequently, on the other connected OTAs.

In these cases the booking notification arrives to the hotelier directly from the OTA via the Fall Back method set on the OTA: usually email or fax. So always check your email, if this is the method you have set, to verify that these notifications have not ended up in the Spam box.

When we notice or OTA gives us official notification, we immediately publish the relevant notice on our Forum, whose news will appear on the Home page of our services.

These reservations, most of the time, will have to be recreated by hand on our systems. However, it may happen that they are integrated a few hours later.

In case none of these indications solve your problem do not hesitate to contact us.

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