Crear/Modificar una habitaci贸n

How to create a room?

Before creating a room, you need to consider the following:

With the term "room" is meant a room type: for example, a Double Room.

Some small structures or apartments use the type of rooms as if they were real rooms, creating the Yellow Room, the Red Room and the Blue Room, for example, All with availability of 1.

In the other hand, a hotel that wants to sell 50 doubles of same standard would need to create a typology Double Room and then specify its availability as 50.

To create a room type, you should visit the section:

Rates/ Rooms

When clicking on the "+" you will get to the following screen where you can can define the settings of the room:

Name: The name will be visible for your customers in the Booking Engine. With the Channel Manager, it has no effect: the names of the rooms in your channels will remain the same.

Shortname: For internal WuBook use. It is used in the WuBook "Tabla" (calendar) to name the rooms. And also in the channel manager, to associate the rooms. It should be with a max of 4 characters.

Type: Affects only the Booking Engine. It could be Room, Apartment, Tent, etc ..

Default price: Rooms are created using this default value. Then, using the Tabla and Sytar tools, you will be able to modify them per each day.

Default availability: How many rooms of this type do you have? Rooms are created using this default value. Then, using the Tabla and Sytar tools, you will be able to modify them per each day.

Guests: Default occupancy of this room (2 for a double, 3 for a triple, etc..). To vary the price depending on the occupancy, for example, for a double room used as a single, you will have to use virtual rooms)

Board: This option affects only the Booking Engine. The default board is 鈥淣o Board鈥 (room only). Once the room has been created it is possible to define a price change rule depending on the board options (breakfast, half board, full board or all inclusive).

Woodoo only: When this option is selected, the room becomes WooDoo Only meaning is managed only by the Channel Manager. In other words, it will never be offered on the Booking Engine.



How to modify the information of a room?

Once the room is created, you can click on it to modify/add information.

After clicking on it, you will see:

Default settings of the room

By clicking on the blue pencil, you can edit the default settings of the room. Note: If you want to change the room price, you should use the Tabla  or the Sytar 


Anchorage is used to link the "price" and/or the restriction of 2 rooms.

In the example above, the room will have the price inherited from the source room = "Sng". The variation is "+ 20 鈧".

So, for each day,  price of this room = price of the "sng" + 20

The Restrictions also will be linked (because the 4 boxes are selected).


 Room services

This option affects only the Booking Engine.

By clicking on "Add services", you will have possibility to set the services available for your each room.

They will be visible for each room in the Booking Engine  :


From here, you can set a different name and description for the different languages available in the Booking Engine.

Virtual room

A virtual room is used when you want to sell an existing with different option and price. A virtual room will share its availability with its "mother room".

A typical example is when you have already a "Double Room": You can create a virtual room "Double room for single use" as a virtual room of the "Double room"

Example of virtual rooms of the room "Dbl":

For more information, please see the section "virtual rooms"


This option affects only the Booking Engine. It is used to set prices for the different options of meals.


It will appear like this in the Booking engine:


Note: When settings the price of the meals, you have to take into account the occupancy of the room. If your breakfast costs 8鈧/person, then, for a triple room , you have to set +24鈧. 

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