ZaK allows you to record the payments you receive so that you can keep track of them. You can register a Payment in several ways:

  • from the reservation detail
  • when creating a document
  • from the cashflow section (generic document)

Record a payment from Reservation detail

From the detail page of a reservation, you can record the payments related to that reservation. In the subsection > Admin, you will find the Payments area, as shown in the image below.

Ôś× Docs: Reservation detail

On the same reservation, you can enter more than one payment. You can display the "total" and the "unpaid" amounts in the Admin subsection (image above).

In the example, on a reservation of ÔéČ 156, we registered a cash advance of ÔéČ 78.  We've also entered a payment note.
You can associate one or more invoices to the same reservation.

Record a payment while creating a tax document

If you are issuing a document (e.g. an invoice) you can record its payment.

Recording generic payments

Through the ZaK CashFlow section, you can enter payments unrelated to reservations or tax documents.

Ôć│ Useful Link: Auth Factory > Zak (All-in-One) > Payments > CashFlow

If you have set the use of different currencies, you can indicate the payment's currency at the time of registration.

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