WooDoo - Creation of promotions for Booking.com

This section allows you to create all the promotions you want for Booking.com. So, it is no longer necessary to log in to Booking to create your offers, you can do it directly from your Channel Manager! First, you need to log in to Woodoo and click on the Booking.com channel from the following section:

↳ Useful Link: WooDoo > Channel Manager > Channels

Inside the channel page, you can see the section "Promotions". Click on the button:

You will now find the section MANAGE YOUR BOOKING'S PROMOTIONS:

Here, by clicking on the + you can create a new promotion, setting up all the details on the right side, such as:

  • offer type, you can choose one of the following options:

- Basic: a simple reservation discount

- Last minute: a discount for last minute reservations, with short advance

- Early Booker: a discount for reservations with large advance

- Business Booker: a discount for business trips

- Geo rate: a discount per Country (which you can choose below)

- Mobile rate: a discount for reservations from mobile

Depending on the type of offer you choose, below you can specify the related restrictions. For example, If I choose Early Booker, below I can specify how many days in advance the guest has to book, so they can take advantage of the offer. Or, you can also set up a Minimum Stay:

  • the rooms type and rates to be associated with the promo and the discount that the guest will have (e.g. -15%):

  • the range of dates and the days of the week in which the promo will be visible. For example. if I am creating a summer promotion only for weekends, I will insert from June, 1, to September, 15, and I will flag only  Saturday and Sunday:

  • additional periods, other than period already established above. Here, you can choose both range of dates and single days:

  • exceptions to the period of validity, or a period - contained within the period of validity - in which the promo is not valid. Here, you can choose both range of dates and single days. For example, I have a summer promo, but I want the second week of August not to be visible:

Now, I can save my promo and a summer with all details will be visible on the left side (by clicking on it). You can edit the offers by clicking on the blue icon, or pause them by clicking on the green icon, which will become yellow. You can reactivate them at any time: