WooDoo - GDS Channels (Xenia and OpenGDS)

What are GDS?

GDS (Global Distribution Systems) are systems where you can book flights, but also travel, hotels, car rentals, etc. The customers of the GDS are not the final consumers, but travel agencies and tour operators. Therefore, the GDS are a sort of intermediary, whose earnings come from the commissions they charge to airlines, travel agencies and tour operators.

How to connect them in WooDoo?

There are two GDS channels available in WooDoo: Xenia and OpenGDS. Here are their websites with more information:

☞ Docs: Xenia

☞ Docs: OpenGDS

You can find them both in the following menu, where you have to search for them among the available channels and add them by clicking on the + :

Once added, you will have to enter the required credentials (provided directly by the channel), and then proceed with the normal connection, like any other OTA. You will then need to map the rooms and rates created on the OTA with the rooms and rates on WooDoo.

Once the configuration is complete, the inventory of Xenia and OpenGDS will be managed by WooDoo.