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A "package" is a predefined stay with any additional supplements with a total all-inclusive cost. The customer who books from WooDoo will be able to select the package and skip the different booking Steps.

The room(s) and length of stay cannot be changed, the booking process becomes shorter and the probability of conversion increases. The packages are managed from ONLINE RECEPTION > Promo

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > WooDoo > Online Reception > Special Offer & Package

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Once the package is created, it becomes available for sale at your online reception.

There are two types of packages, rigid and flexible.

1. Rigid package

When you create a rigid package, you define exactly the stay by indicating room(s) and the exact period of time. You describe the package indicating any extras. A total price is assigned and the user who books by selecting it, accesses directly to the booking confirmation page by skipping selection of dates, rooms, extras and special offers.

The rigid package is very convenient to offer stays on holidays or events.

2. Flexible package

Unlike the rigid package, in the flexible package the period of stay is not exactly defined. yYu need to indicate the number of nights and a time period to do the check-in. The customer can select the package and indicate the date of arrival. In this way he/she can go immediately to the booking confirmation page.

! Attention! The definition of the stay associated to a package (both rigid and flexible) includes all the rooms that you have entered under "room included". If you include several rooms in a package, they will all be sold through the package, at the single cost of the package!

Publication of the package list on your site

You can publish a widget on your website that dynamically displays the list of packages. The widget code is available for your web master and can be easily obtained from the same section from which you get the code for the booking widget.

☞ Docs: Installing the Booking Engine Widget in your Site

The customer who will visit your site will see the packages and will be able to access the online reception to book them. In particular, rigid packages lead to the booking confirmation page with just one click! Showing the package widget on the site could improve the conversion percentage of reservations from the your website. Here is an installation example on our Rivendell demo site, click the link below.

@ Web: Demo WuBook - Rivendell