Rate Checker F.A.Q. - How to deactivate the Rate Checker?

As long as there are competitors with active scans, the Rate Checker is enabled. Therefore, to disable the Rate Checker and avoid generating additional costs, you must either remove all competitors or "pause" them by temporarily disabling scans.

You must first access the Rate Checker and move to the "Manage Competitors" section:

↳ Link: Rate Checker > Manage competitors

Here, to permanently delete a competitor, simply click on the black x next to the property, and then save by clicking on "Apply Changes":

If you want to keep that competitor on your list instead (to re-enable its scans in the future), you don't need to remove it with the black x.
You can leave it in the list and simply select "Disabled" under "Frequency". This way, no scans will be performed for that property and no debt will be generated. You can reset the frequency and re-enable scans at any time.