ZaK - VAT settings

In this section, you can specify your VAT taxes for rooms, extras and boards. For each of these services you will be able to customize the VAT, set if VAT is included in your prices and, if you need it, the name of the tax.

The section can be reached from the following link:

↳ Useful Link: Zak > Settings > Taxes > VAT Settings

Despite these settings, the Extras will also be customizable in the specific section, so that you can create Extras with different taxes.

↳ Useful Link: Zak > Products > Extra

☞ Docs: ZaK - Extras

Changing these preferences affects the generation of invoices. When issuing the invoice, the system considers:
- the sale price (the one set on your Zak Rates or with which a reservation enters from OTAs)
- the VAT

Depending on whether or not VAT is included in the sales price, the final price to be shown on the tax documents is calculated. If the sales price is already inclusive of tax, then Zak will derive the taxable amount of the account by "splitting" (price=total/[1 + percentage]). If instead the price does NOT already include tax, then the total will be calculated from the sales price by charging tax at the rate indicated for each service (total=price[1 + percentage]).