Monitor - WooDoo

WuBook keeps track of all updates and gives you a tool with which you can analyze all operations done.

Track down logs

To get a list of all modifications done, you need to go to:

↳ Link utile: Auth Factory > WuBook/WooDoo > Rates > Monitor

Here you will find a chart where to filter the information you want to see displayed.


There are 2 possible filters to display information:

  • Date Actioned: to filter all updates actioned on that period

  • Date of the Action: to filter all updates that affect that period

You could do both filters to get information regarding both fields.

Note: The list will only display the last 60 updates.

For each update shown you will see the execution time, type of update, the period it impacts and the IP of the computer who did the update and in details you will see all the details of this update.

  • Av = availability

  • Pr = Price

  • Ms = Minimum stay

  • Ma = Minimum stay on arrival

  • Mx = Maximum stay

  • Cl = closure (value Y/N)

  • Ca = close to arrival (Value Y/N)

  • No = No Ota (value Y/N)

Note: due to obvious server capacity, all records are deleted after 90 days of the date of the action.