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In HostelWorld, you can find generally a bed for one or more nights (model: bed), here a complete channel commercial description.

Generally, the channels specialised on hostels work through two ways:

- private room model (the entire room/dormitory are sold);

- bed model  (the single bed is sold)

It is necessary to think and set up the values respecting always the model utilized from the specific channel.

Generally, the unit sold from WuBooK is the night/room, where a room may contain several beds; in order to "link" the two different logics the WooDoo channel requests a Deduction and an Availability Multiplier for each typology.

In case of you want to sell on WuBooK the bed (as on HostelWorld) you can set up the field Decoupling = 0 and the field Availability Multiplier=1.


Availability Multiplier

If you have two quadruple rooms (private rooms) on WuBooK and you want to sell their single bed on HostelWorld, the availability must be multiplied for the room beds number. As the example, if you have two Quadruples on WuBooK, you will sell on HostelWorld 2×4=8 beds.


Even concerning the price, on HostelWorld the price is connected to the single bed. However, on WuBooK the price is of the whole room, therefore it is necessary to deduct the WuBooK price in order to define the HostelWorld price.

For example, if a Quadruple room costs 240€ on WuBooK, it means that the single bed costs 60€: this is equivalent to "deduct" the WuBooK price of 75%.


Error: Pricing decreasing too high

It is strongly discouraged to insert an excessive multiplier and deduction. If you have a private room with much beds on WuBooK, it is correct to insert the availability on WuBooK as "beds" and not only as room. This is because an excessive deduction may cause the ”Pricing decreasing too high” error, blocking then the channel.


Credit card data

The HostelWorld portal does not supply the customers credit card data to channel managers: you will be able to consult them directly from the HostelWorld extranet.

Consulting your HostelWorld account manager make sure that your profile is authorized to manage the cc data: in case of "multi-user" account, some of them may be "restricted".