- WooDoo

To initialized the channel, you need simply the same credentials (username and password) utilising by enter on portal. In the same extranet you can find your ID hotel.

As for all other channels, the initialization process will automatically identify your rooms on the portal: then, you should associate these rooms with your WuBooK rooms. You simply need to do the same procedure when you have to add or remove rooms on the portal.

Go to the extranet of



The connection with this portal cannot manage restrictions expect the minimum stay! Therefore the minstay arrival, no checkin (CTA) and no checkout (CTD) NOT WILL BE read. Anyway, you can associate a restriction plan: a closed room will have 0 availability.

The minimun stay is a global value: it is used in the same way for all rooms.


Extra bed

B&B gives you the the possibility to specify a price for the extra bed.

ATTENTION: from the channel manager, you have to associate the additional price and not the final price added to the additional price! This means that you should create a virtual room (woodoo only) to be given the daily price of the extra bed and to then associate it on the channel.