ZaK contains a section dedicated to the organization of the tasks to be performed in your property. You can create multiple tasks to associate with a calendar date, ZaK will remind you what to do. Tasks for the current day appear in the Dashboard in the sub-section > Deserving attention

Tasks are managed through the section > Home > Tasks

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > Zak (All-in-One) > Home > Tasks

☞ Docs: Dashboard

Default tasks

The tasks created in this section can be used several times in the calendar. Once done, they are not deleted from the system. When creating a new task, you can use the first field to select one of your predefined tasks without having to rewrite the text. Alternatively, you can select Custom and create a task for a specific day. The date field is required.

Tasks Calendar

In this subsection you can create a task and assign it a specific date/time. A task can be: done (the hand in green) or to do (the alarm clock in red). Just click on the icon to mark the task as done or not done.

Each custom task contains a link to the description. They are shown in a temporal order and they include both done and to do tasks. To remove a task from the list, click on the X icon and then confirm the action.