Virtual rooms and the overbooking risk

The WooDoo channel manager allows you to connect your WooDoo virtual rooms to the portal ones. If you decide to connect in the same channel the "mother" room and one or more virtual rooms or rather if you connect two or more virtual rooms you may risk the overbooking.

☞ Docs: Virtual rooms

Each virtual room (and also the mother room) sends to the portal all the WooDoo mother room availability. Therefore, the same mother room availability is sent to the portal once for the mother room connection and as many times as are the connections of the WooDoo virtual rooms tied to the mother one.

As showed in the example, the WooDoo rooms 4042 and 4093 are both daughters of the mother room 4044. Therefore, the 4044 room availability will send to the portal three times! At each reservation, the booked availability is subtracted in all three rooms.

However, it is possible that in the same reservation more rooms can be booked compared to the real availability in the category connected to virtual rooms (as indicated above). 

In the previously example, if only one 4044 room is available on WooDoo, it can be possible to book at the same time and in the same reservation both the quadruple rooms and the triple room through the portal , but the real availability is one!