Disconnecting a Channel

Pausing a channel

If you want to interrupt the connection of a channel only for a certain period of time, or you wish to keep the configuration saved because you don't know if you will reactivate it in the future, you can pause it by clicking on the "play" icon next to the channel name:

Once paused, you'll display a "pause" icon next to the channel name and the service billing will be interrupted:

When a channel is paused, updates of pricing, restrictions and room availability to the portal are suspended and the integration of reservations on WooDoo is interrupted: to be precise the reservations received on the portal during the channel pause will be collected by Wubook in the section > Woodoo > Reservation errors, but they will not appear in the reservation list and will not affect the corresponding room availability.

↳ Link: Auth Factory > WooDoo > Channel Manager > Reservation errors

However, pausing a channel does not technically interrupt the "active" status of the connection to the portal.


Some portals, such as Booking.com, prevent you from manually acting on their extranet (to change prices, restrictions and availability) when a channel manager is connected. In these cases, if you want your sale to remain closed on the portal as long as the channel is paused, remember to close it from Channel manager before pausing the channel!

Otherwise, if you want to manually manage the channel by accessing your account on the OTA, you have to disconnect the Channel manager directly from the portal extranet!

Removing a channel

To permanently remove a channel, you can click on the "X" icon on the right of the name of each active channel:

A window will open asking you to confirm the operation: if you confirm you will be sent an email with a confirmation link: We want to be sure that you do not perform this operation by mistake, and that the account holder is aware of it!


For portals, such as Booking.com, that prevent to manually act on their extranet (to change prices, restrictions and availability) when a channel manager is connected, it is necessary to disconnect the Channel manager on the portal's extranet!