Zak - Room Categories

The physical rooms of your property must be grouped into categories. Therefore, before starting to create your physical rooms, you should create room categories. You can proceed to the section indicated below:

↳ Link : ZaK > Products > Rooms

Some examples of room categories: Double (DBL), Triple (TRP), Suite (ST), Family (FAM), etc. While creating a physical room, you can then assign its category.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Physical rooms

Physical rooms that are part of the same category will always have the same price, but also the same sales conditions. For example, all rooms in the DBL (double) category can also be sold as "single-use" or "with an extra bed".

We remind you that when you create a new category in ZaK, you have the possibility to enable the option "Automatic room setup", so ZaK will ask you the quantity of physical rooms and the additional occupancies:

In this way, ZaK will automatically create the related physical rooms and room products:

If you already use WooDoo, we recommend that you insert the same room categories in ZaK. A special tool allows you to import room categories from WooDoo to ZaK:

☞ Docs:WooDoo - How to create a room

Room categories are used for:

  • The management of prices.
  • The connection with WooDoo.

The management of prices

If you have many physical rooms you can automatically manage the value of those that always have the same price. In this case the price management in ZaK is by category. The price management tools, Sytar and Tabla, define the prices for the various room categories and not for the single physical rooms.

You must indicate a maximum price for each room category. This will be used as the default price.

↳ Link : Zak > Products > Sytar

☞ Docs: Zak - Sytar

Updating data to WooDoo

Since the sale of products on the portals is based on room categories, in WooDoo (as well as on the main OTAs) the room categories and the corresponding daily availability are indicated. The room categories on ZaK can be associated with WooDoo rooms to automatize the data exchange, through the WooDoo channel in the  > Sales-Channels section.

☞ Docs: Zak - Connection between Zak and WooDoo

↳ Link: Zak > Sales > Channels

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