Zak - Reservation status

A reservation can be:

  - Confirmed
  - Option
  - Offer
  - Cancelled
  - Cancelled: No Show

You can set the status of a reservation while creating it or you can edit it from the reservation detail. The status can also be updated by the guest himself in case he confirms or cancels his reservation online.

☞ Docs: Zak - YouBook: how to insert reservations manually

☞ Docs: ZaK - Reservation detail

Depending on the reservation status the rooms may or may not be reserved. This also affects your room availability. In case the reservation has been created on ZaK (and you have subsequently sent the guest a link to voucher and check in online) your guest can confirm the reservation by entering his/her credit card details, or cancel it.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Connection between ZaK and WooDoo

☞ Docs: ZaK - Voucher link and online check-in

A reservation can be:

1. Confirmed

The reservation is confirmed and the rooms are booked. Consequently, the reservation will affect the rooms availability. (Usually the reservation is guaranteed by credit card).  In the reservation section, confirmed reservations are shown in green.

2. Option

These reservations are not fully guaranteed. A reservation in option has an expiration date that you can enter manually. Alternatively the system will assign an expiration date by default (the expected date of arrival). The guest, from the online check-in page, can guarantee his reservation according to the Guarantee Methods you configured (in this case the status will change from Option to Confirmed).

☞ Docs: ZaK - Voucher link and online check-in

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☞ Docs: ZaK - Guarantee Methods for Reservations

- If the guest guarantees BEFORE the expiry date, the reservation is automatically changed from Option to Confirmed status. You'll receive an email and find a warning in Dashboard-Deserving Attention.
- If instead the reservation has already expired, the guest can only guarantee it if there is availability in the Planner/Tabla. In this case, if he guarantees it, the reservation will automatically become confirmed and you will receive an email notification.
- If, on the other hand, there is no more availability after the expiry date, the guest can no longer guarantee the reservation.

 If you want, you can set that expired options/offer should be deleted automatically, at the following section:

↳ Link: ZaK > Settings > Configuration > Generic Settings

3. Offer

This status is used to make an estimate. Rooms are not booked: a reservation with the "offer" status does not affect room availability and is not visible in the Planner. It has an expiration date, too. But if the guest guarantees the reservation, it does NOT become confirmed. It will remain in offer. You'll receive a notification that the reservations was guaranteed and you'll have to manually change the status to "Confirmed" or "Canceled".

As well as the option status, you can decide whether or not to cancel the reservation after the offer expires:

↳ Link: ZaK > Settings > Configuration > Generic Settings

Offer and option reservations can be found in ZaK at the following section:

↳ Useful link: ZaK > Reservations > Reception > Options and offers


4. Cancelled

The reservation has been cancelled and the rooms are not reserved: availability is therefore cleared. Through the link to the online check-in, the customer will NOT be able to guarantee his reservation. Cancelled reservations are shown in red:

5. Cancelled: No-show

If the guest does not show up, you can use this status to cancel the reservation but also to keep track that the guest did a "no show". These reservations also appear in red.

Reservations colors:

RED: Cancelled - No Show

ORANGE: Option - Offer

GREEN:  Confirmed

! PLEASE NOTE: Reservations on Offer, Canceled and No Show, are NOT shown in the Planner.

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