Some OTAs require you to give them the right to sell some rooms, regardless of their availabilities or closure. Even if the Channel Manager WooDoo send an availability of 0 and closure= True, the OTA keeps on selling the room on allotment. Availableness on allotment are the first to be deducted once a reservation is made.

For instance, if you have 3 rooms and one of them is on allotment, and a reservation is made on that OTA, the availability becomes 2 e the allotment is consumed for the length of the reservation's stay.

☞ Docs: What is a Channel Manager?
Web: What is an Allotment

N.B. The allotment is an agreement that the hotelier makes with the OTA portal. Not knowing the conditions can cause overbooking!

 Allotment release

Some OTAs use allotment release: It's an X number of days, starting from A to B, where the allotment is not active. It means that for that given period (A to B), the OTA doesn't apply allotments for that room/rooms. You should ask more information about allotment release to the OTA's assistance.

Managing Allotments

At the moment Woodoo allows the management of the allotment only for the channel. To do that, you have to insert the availability on Tabla without the allotment and then enable the management of from:

↳ Link: Auth Factory > WooDoo > Channel manager > Options

For instance, if you have 10 double rooms and one of them is in allotment on, you have to set the availability to 9 instead of 10. When you get the very first reservation from on the double room, for a certain period of time (allotment reservation), WuBook won't delete its availability.

For other OTAs that require the allotment of rooms (Expedia, Agoda etc.), it's possible to insert (on the respective interfaces) as availability on WuBooK the one that the OTA allotted. This will reduce the risk of overbooking due to allotments: this risk isn't removed at all, because if the channel manager finishes all rooms on the other channels and on the channel X the allotted room has not yet been sold, this room will remain on sale.

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