ZaK - Reservations search

This section allows you to carry out a specific search among your bookings, by entering one or more filters at the same time, and also to export the data you want. You can access it from the following link:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Reservations > Search

By clicking on the grey boxes (Guest, Code, Booking date, Arrival, Departure, Agency, Corporate, Status) you can sort the results.

At the top you will find several buttons with numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) to display the pages, while on the right you find a box in which you can choose how many results to display on each page (in the example, 12).

Above, there are 3 possibilities:

  • a search band in which you can enter the customer's name or the reservation code, if you already know what to search for:

  • the FILTERS button, to filter your search by setting certain parameters such as period, agency/corporate, country, reservation status, board, etc.:

  • the EXPORT button, to export the data in a csv file, choosing whether to export the results of the search just performed or the advanced data:

If you do not select any filters, the system will show you all reservations. Otherwise, they will be displayed according to the filters you set and the following information will be shown for each reservation:

- name of the reservation holder

- ZaK code of the reservation

- date on which the reservation was made

- dates of the stay (arrival and departure)

- agency or corporate associated with the reservation, if any

- status of the reservation (confirmed, cancelled, option, offer)