Zak - Expedia Channel

Before activating the channel, we recommend that you read the introductory article on connections, where preliminary operations and important warnings are explained:

☞ Docs: ZaK - Tips for Channel Manager activation

To know before proceeding

  • The restrictions that ZaK updates for Expedia are: closure, no check-in/out, min/max stay, ota limit, availability modifier
  • Min and max advance must be set on Expedia Extranet
  • If you have rates/promo managed with Expedia (not xml), you will still find in ZaK their reservations. But please make sure that the room assigned by ZaK is correct.
  • Cancellation Policy: ZaK detects the policy set at Expedia product level, which may be different depending on the days.
  • Board: ZaK tries to detect it according to the Expedia product. For multi-room reservations, the first board that Zak detects will be shown in the reservation.
  • Expedia does not send us the booker's nationality, Zak tries to detect it by area code

1. Add the channel

First you need to acquire the channel by clicking on the +. Click on the link below and follow the instructions in the next steps:

↳ Link : ZaK > Sales > Channels > Add new channel

2. Enter your Property ID

Once added, click on the channel name (Expedia) to configure it.

At the bottom of the page you can enter the property ID provided by Expedia and the currency. Then click on "PROCEED":

3. Expedia authorization

At this point you must authorize WuBook to connect with Expedia. In order to complete the operation you need to login to your Expedia Extranet. Once inside, click on the top left on "Rooms and Rates":

and then on "Expedia Connectivity Settings":

On the next screen, choose WuBook as provider and be sure to check both boxes below:

At this point the connection will be done, you don't have to do anything else on Expedia. Now go back to ZaK to continue and wait a few minutes, refresh the page until you see that the channel is unblocked.

4. Rooms and rates mapping

! Before mapping rooms and rates, if you have Expedia reservations not listed in ZaK, you have to manually submit, so that your availability will be correct and you won't risk overbooking.

☞ Docs: ZaK - YouBook: how to create reservations manually

Now go back to the PRODUCTS section, where you can find the rooms/rates you have already created with Expedia.

The sale on Expedia is initially closed for security. You must now associate to each room/rate of Expedia the specific ZaK product/rate. The products in purple are the unmapped and closed products. As you associate them, they will turn blue, which means that they are on sale, managed by ZaK.

To associate a product, click on the white icon next to it:

Now choose the ZaK product and rate to be associated with that Expedia product/rate.

Can I manage from ZaK additional occupancy for my rooms?

Here you can also define prices for each occupancy:

- in the "Default occupancy" field set the default occupancy to sell that room
- in the field below define all the other occupancy you sell that room with and a price variation for each one

By clicking on the MAP button, ZaK will start to update that room/rate, sending to the channel prices, restrictions and availability you've set on your ZaK Tabla.

At any time, you can quickly close the sale of a room with a single click. In the PRODUCTS section, just click on with icon with the red X. This will cancel the association and the Expedia room/rate will return to purple. You can re-join it at any time:

Now the connection with ZaK will be activated immediately and the Expedia configuration will be done.

Min Stay for Expedia (Lenght Of Stay)

If you wish to set a min stay for this channel, you should know that there are two types:
- the min stay (the classic one)
- the min stay arrival (valid only for those who check in on the day you set the min stay)
If in ZaK you set a min stay, but in Expedia you configured the min stay arrival option, then the data sent by ZaK will NOT be considered by Expedia.

In ZaK you can set which kind of min stay you want to send to Expedia, so ZaK will know whether in Tabla it should take the min stay or the min stay arrival.
You find this choice inside the Expedia channel, under "OPTIONS":

! ATTENTION: Of course the type of min stay set in ZaK, must match with the one set on Expedia.