Reconfiguring a Channel

Occasionally you may want to change your sales configuration on a portal: for example, you may want to add or remove a room or rate your OTAs.

When you make these changes on a portal's extranet, the Channel manager does not detect them automatically. So you may continue to see in the channel configuration page rooms or rates that no longer exist, or you may not see rooms or rates you have recently created on the OTA's extranet.

WARNING: This is a very risky situation, as the Channel manager does not update the new rooms or rates until they are mapped in WooDoo!

To update the map of rooms and rates on WooDoo, you need to "Re-configure" the channel, i.e., click on the > Configure button. In this way, you can download the updated map of rooms and rates from the OTA and associate them again with your WooDoo rooms and rates.

From the Woodoo channel detail page, click on the > Configure button (at the top of the page) and then click on the > Confirm button to automatically download the new map of rooms and rates.

TIP: If you are afraid to forget the current associations of rooms and rates, leave the page with the current configuration open and open a new browser tab for reconfiguration: in this way, you can copy the old mapping and add only the new rate/room.

Then proceed as in the first channel configuration, mapping the portal's rooms and rates to the corresponding WooDoo rooms and rates.

☞ Docs: Configuring a Channel

Every time you add or remove a room or a rate on an OTA, you need to reconfigure the relevant channel!

Suppose the new rooms or rates are not already listed on WooDoo. In that case, it is necessary to create them in advance (and set prices, availability, and restrictions) and associate them with the channel.

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