ZaK - City Tax Configuration

This feature allows you to calculate the tourist tax automatically. The calculated value can still be corrected manually from the reservation detail.

↳Useful Link: ZaK > Settings > Taxes > City Tax

☞ Docs: ZaK - Reservation detail

On the reservation detail, you can click on the CTAXES section to check the tax. In some municipalities, the calculation of city tax includes parameters that the City Tax feature is not able to calculate. In this case, the tax must be calculated and entered manually.

In addition, this feature allows you to generate and check the specific report.

☞ Docs: ZaK - City Tax report

Inside the City Tax section, you have to setup the calculation model of your municipality as follows:

1. Name and Description

First of all, you must indicate the name and description that will appear on your documents and vouchers:

2. Exemptions and Reductions

The municipality could introduce exemptions or reductions for some categories of guests. There is always a default exemption that depends on age and that you configure in the rule (on each reservation, it is applied automatically if you entered the guests' personal details). Here you can create any other exemptions and apply it manually from the reservation page.

Below you can also create reductions by specifying their name and the type of discount, fixed or percentage. These will also have to be applied manually from the reservation detail.

3. Time Range

The tax may change during the year: ZaK allows you to assign a calculation to a time period. It is necessary to add more periods if the calculation model changes over time: for example between high and low season or between one year and another.

While creating a period, you can also define the age limit for which the tax must be paid. For example, if you enter 11 years as a limit, this means that the tax must be paid from 11 years onwards.

Please Note: If there is no age exemption, you need to write 0 in the age limit.

4. Rules

The calculation model for a period must include one or more rules. A single rule is related to a "period of stay", which is a number of days from the arrival date. For example, if the tourist tax is only applied on the first seven nights, you have to add the rule from 1 to 7. If the first week has a different cost from the second week, you have to add 2 rules: (from 1 to 7) and (from 8 to 14).

In case the tax is always the same and applied to each day of the stay (and does not have a duration limit), you have to enter a single rule from day 1 to ∞.

Also the following data must be indicated in the rule:

  • Price model: fixed or percentage
  • Calculation base: per person, per room or per reservation. According to this box the cost is multiplied by the number of guests or by the number of rooms.
  • Price: in case the subject is "per person", you can differentiate the cost for adults or children.  
  • Daily: if selected the cost is multiplied by all the days of the stay, within the period of the rule.

Application of City Tax on the reservation

Once configured, an automatic calculation is suggested inside the reservation detail. The tax can still be changed manually, by clicking on the CTAXES box and on the pencil:

Click on the pencil also to enter an exemption or reduction manually. Then choose the exemption/reduction for the guests you want: