Errores de reserva y falta original

In some cases and for various reasons, the WooDoo Channel Manager may not be able to integrate a reservation (or a cancellation or change of reservation). The main causes are listed below:

Original missing: WooDoo receives the change or cancellation of a reservation that is not present in WuBook. For example the reservation is created in OTA before the channel activation (so it is not entered in WuBook) and then, when the channel is active the reservation is cancelled (or modified). (Except for the channel, reservations born before the channel connection, are not downloaded).ù

☞ Docs: Canale™ - WooDoo

☞ Docs: Configurare un canale

Expired service: Even when the WooDoo service has expired, the channel continues to work and receive reservations but does not integrate them. Once the service has been purchased, it will be possible to integrate them with the Retry buttom accessible from the Actions column.

Violation of restrictions or availability: In WuBook you configure availability and restrictions that are automatically sent to portals where possible. Some portals may not support some restrictions (e.g. the minimum stay-at-arrival). Some portals may have the allotment that allows the entry of reservations even when room availability is over. When a reservation that violates restrictions or availability configured in Wubook is entered from a channel, the reservation is not integrated but is "quarantined".

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The channel is out of date: You might add a room or rate in the OTA portal and forget to reconfigure the channel. Among the data of the incoming booking is indicated a room code (or an installment code) that WuBook does not know. The system does not know which room is occupied and where to scale the availability. Once reconfigured the channel it will be possible to integrate them with the Retry command.

☞ Docs: Riconfigurare un canale

Other cases: There are other cases of a technical nature. For example, the OTA portal accidentally sends the same booking twice by mistake by creating a duplicate. The Ignore command removes the error trace from the list.

All these reservations (or changes or cancellations) in error are available in the linked section below:

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > WuBook/WooDoo > WooDoo > Reservation errors


You can easily attempt to integrate these reservations (or cancellations or changes) in error. You must first solve the problem that caused the error. For example by buying the service if the error is due to the expiration of the service, or by reconfiguring the channel if the error is due to the fact that the channel has not been updated. Once the cause of the error has been fixed, you can attempt integration via the Retry button accessible from the Actions column.

Original missing management

If the original booking is missing, cancellations or changes cannot be made automatically. In order to manage the original missing you must first know the identification code of the original reservation. By clicking on the Id Channel column you can get some data including the Id Channel Reservation. Then accessing directly in the Extranet of the portal of origin of the error, you can identify the original reservation (through the id channel reservation) and inform yourself about the nature of the change or cancellation. If necessary fix the availability in WuBook manually through the Tabla tool.

☞ Docs: Tabla - WuBook

If, for example, the modification extends the stay by one night, it will be necessary to decrease the availability of that night manually with the Tabla.

Violation of restrictions or availability

When the error is due to the fact that the reservation (or modification) entering from the portal violates the restrictions or the availability of WuBook, the button "Try again without controls" appears among the possible Actions . This button allows the integration of the reservation (or modification) ignoring the fact that there is no availability or that a restriction is not observed.

ATTENTION ! You can set the Channel Manager so that availability or restrictions are not checked when entering a reservation. This avoids the possibility of the reservation going into quarantine and not being immediately integrated. This setting must be configured in the WooDoo > Configurations section using the Avoid quarantine command.