WooDoo ItalyHotels (Federalberghi)

To configure the channel ItalyHotels (Federalberghi) you can read the generic articles in our documentation:

☞ Docs: Acquiring a Channel

☞ Docs: Configuring a Channel

If you change your room and rate mapping on Italyhotels, for example creating a new room or a new rate, you will need to RECONFIGURE the channel in Woodoo.

☞ Docs: Reconfiguring a Channel

The activation of a channel is a procedure that can be done autonomously by Wubook users. Still, if it's been a long time since your training and even following these instructions you don't feel confident to proceed, ask for assistance from the WuBook staff that will help you during the process.

☞ Docs: Support request


For a correct updating of prices via XML, it is necessary to set the price model per person (instead of per room) on the portal. You can make this change autonomously on the portal extranet: