Acquérir un Canal

Before starting all the procedures for activating a channel, we recommend that you read the introductory article to connections, where the preliminary operations and important warnings are explained:

☞ Docs: Tips for Channel Manager activation

Once you have prepared the rooms and rates you intend to use in the connection you are about to activate, you have to acquire the new channel

WuBook allows you to acquire each channel independently and without financial commitment. From your WuBook control panel you can acquire for free 2 weeks of service of each channel available from WooDoo > Channels section.

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > WooDoo > Channel Manager > Channels

In this section you will find a list of all the portals that you can connect with our Channel Manager. To acquire a channel simply access the "New Channels" subsection and click on the (+) button.

Once you find the portal you want to connect, by clicking on the "I" you can see some information about the connection, such as the supported restrictions (i.e. those that the channel manager can change) or if the portal sends us the guest CC data. To add the portal to those to connect click on the small orange "+" next to the channel name.

Once you have acquired the channel, it will be available in the "Your channels" section on the left side of the same page. Then, you can access the channel page by clicking on its name and fill in the form with the requested data, including your Hotel ID, i.e. the code that identifies your property at OTA. Click on "Proceed" to send the connection request.

At this point you entered the connection phase: this is the authorization request that the OTA portal must issue to WuBook . Usually you need to contact OTA support or access the Extranet to request the connection with the Channel manager (also called XML connection). For details on this step, see the pages of our documentation on each OTA: this procedure involves technical steps and takes a time ranging from few minutes to a few hours/day, depending on the OTA .

Once you have obtained authorization to connect from OTA , the CONFIGURE button will appear on the Channel interface. By licking on it, you can download from the portal the map of the rooms and rates to be managed via XML and you can then continue the configuration procedure.

☞ Docs: Configuring a Channel


If you do not want to use the channel after the trial period (15 days), remember to pause or remove it! Otherwise the billing system will start to count it among the active services.

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☞ Docs: Disconnecting a Channel