Screen Scraping Channel

In order to connect OTAs, WuBook uses multiple technologies, depending on the type of OTA and the policy they require.

The most reliable technology is the XML one, but, when it cannot be used, the channel is developed using what computer science it's called screen-scraping.

@ Web: XML

Screen-scraping means that data is not sent by XML, the channel simulate the behavior of the user: it logs on the extranet, reads and modify data.

It's an unilateral kind of connection, created on WuBook side; as a matter of fact, and the initialization process doesn't require an activation request to the OTA but it rather happens by inserting the same credentials you use on the OTA's extranet on the WooDoo channel.

That type of connection is generally free on WuBook for whomever has already installed the booking engine, as for “WooDoo only” the price for the channel is 3 Euros for month.

For more information, you can visit our price page.