Rate Checker - Video Overview

In order to obtain the maximum performance and optimize the "revenue", it is necessary to establish with the utmost precision the prices of your rooms and be always competitive on the online market.

A basic element is a perfect knowledge of the pricing policy of competing properties operating in your territory or customer base.

To access the Rate Checker service and set your search parameters, simply click on the specific icon in your Auth Factory:

↳ Useful Link: Rate Checker

Rate Checker is a powerful and automated tool that checks, records, displays and compares the prices and availability that your competitors offer on the internet.

For more information on its functioning and characteristics you can consult the page of the Rate Checker service on our site:

@ Web: Rate Checker

You can use Rate Checker on a free trial basis, and then eventually purchase the service for a selected period and number of competitors.

! IMPORTANT: During the trial period, but also after the purchase, for each competitor it is possible to carry out readings and analysis for a duration of 15 days from the insertion of the analyzed property. No more than 15 competitors can be added during the trial period. Otherwise, trial will be cancelled generating transactions for utilizing it.

! IMPORTANT: During the 15-day free trial, the length of the scans can't exceed 150 days.

In this way, you will be able to assess the quality, quantity and reliability of business information related to the specific competing property.

After the trial period is over, the price of the service varies with usage and takes into account the following variables:

  • Number of competitors to monitor (there is no maximum limit)

  • Length of the scan (snapshot)

  • Frequency of the scans (snapshots)

If you would like to have a price estimation for the use of Rate Checker, just click on "Manage Competitors" section and then on blue "Price Estimator" item:

To start using the Rate Checker, you need to add your list of competitors by following the instructions in the following article:

☞ Docs: Rate Checker - Adding Competitors