ZaK - Basic Package

The commercial offer of Zak is articulated in packages that group the various functionalities available. Each package can be activated individually according to your needs.

The BASIC package is FREE: all the features included are available for free and are sufficient to use the management software in an operational and profitable way.

The other packages include advanced and more specific features that can facilitate your daily work: you can test all the packages for free for 15 days, after which you can leave active only those that you really need.

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Here are the features included in the Basic package:

1. Dashboard

The dashboard is your home page every time you access ZaK.

2. Configurations 

In this section you will find the preferences and configurations of ZaK's functionalities.

3. Rooms

In this section, you can create your room categories and physical rooms.

4. Products

Learn how to configure your property, setting up your occupancy and product derivations.

5. Rates

Create your rates and learn how to update your prices and restrictions for direct and online sales, through Sytar and Tabla.

6. Cancellation policies

Add cancellation policies for your direct bookings.

7. Planner

Monitor your reservations in our calendar. Discover the Planner and its smart functionalities.

8. Extra

Register your extra services within our system and find out how to make them available on request.
Extra Report is available if you subscribe to the Essentials package also.

9. Boards

Define the price of your boards. A Meal Report is available for Essentials package users.

10. Zak Team

Create users and accesses for your team, in order to keep under control you staff actions.

11. How to create a new reservation

Add a reservation and update your availability. You can import pre-existing reservations from and Airbnb channels.

12. Reservation detail

Get to know all information inside a reservation.

13. Voucher and Online check-in

Prepare your voucher and send your guests a link to the Online check-in page.

14. How to make a check-in/check-out

Mark the daily arrivals and departures.

15. How to record a payment

Learn how do add a payment to a reservation. ZaK Basic allows this functionality but only Finance Package can access and export your full payments register.

16. Customers

Register your private guests, corporates, and agencies.