Zak - zView: the advanced Planner

The zView is a more advanced type of Planner, which includes many features, including the setting function and the Broom paper and Meals reports, together with the reporting of lost and found items, the display of prices in different rates, the report of Movements and Extras and so on..

Let's see together here below the different features included!

NB: The zView will not replace the current Planner, but both will be present and usable according to your needs. Remember that in the zView there is no TETRIS to modify dates and rooms of stays.

The tool is accessible from the quick links on the right side of the page:

Or from the following section:  

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Reservations > zView

Reservations in the zView

Just like the Planner, the zView allows a geometric view of the reservations: it is a table with the physical rooms in the rows and the calendar days in the columns. Reservations are represented by segments with the name of the booker.

Taking as an example in the image above Dini Anna, we see that in each reservation is indicated:

  • The name of the booker
  • The occupancy of the room (2+0 corresponds to 2 adults and 0 children)
  • The total price of the reservation (249.60€)
  • If the reservation has already been guaranteed (green shield) or not (red shield)
  • What percentage of the total cost has already been paid. For Dini Anna, 40.06% has already been recorded as payment.
NOTE: In case of group reservations, the total amount and the percentage refer to the total, not to each room.
  • Where did the reservation come from. E.g., if I pass the mouse on the lightning bolt icon, it tells me FAST BOOK. So it means that I entered it by hand as a fast book. If I click on the little book icon, it tells me that I entered it from YOUBOOK, and so on.
  • The board of the reservation (for Dini Anna BB indicates breakfast included)
  • The icon with the exclamation mark indicates that some guest info are missing for PII Reports (e.g. country, date of birth, etc)
  • A colored line (e.g. red in Marini Giorgia) that indicates the room setup, if defined. We will discuss this in the broom paper documentation.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Broom Paper Configuration (zView)

zView Settings

You can access it by clicking on the top right icon  and then "Settings". From here you can decide how many days to load; whether your Half Board includes lunch or dinner; whether to display pending reservations (they will appear in light blue instead of blue); whether to enable the dark view; whether to activate system colors in the zView, etc.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Pending reservations

☞ Docs: ZaK - Planner Colors


At the top you will find the band with the various filters you can use:

Starting from the left, we have:

- The first day displayed in the zView

- The field of the number of days displayed. The "< >" buttons allow you to move into the past and future of the number of days shown in the field.

- The TODAY button to quickly return to today's date

- The possibility to filter by room type

- The possibility of filtering by room tags/labels

- The possibility to filter by rate. So here you can see all the rates you have in the menu Products>Rates and you can choose for which one you want to display the prices in the box corresponding to each day/room. By doing so, if for example you have a guest on the phone, you will already know the cost for the stay he requires.

The Day Line

The gray line at the top, the one above the rooms, indicates the days you are checking in the zView. The date highlighted in blue is today's date. In addition to the days, you will also find a percentage and some boxes with numbers:

If you place the mouse over each box, the system will tell you what it refers to. In any case, starting from the left you will find:

- The percentage of total occupation of your structure on that day

- The number of reservations for that day

- The number of rooms occupied that day

- The number of customers present that day (counted on the basis of room occupancy, regardless of check-in/out already done or not)

- The number of breakfasts for that day

- The number of lunches for that day

- The number of b for that day

Example: For a certain day I have only one reservation, with Breakfast, for a room that has occupancy 2. On that day I will be shown 2 in the Breakfast box (i.e. 1 breakfast for each of the 2 guests). The room occupancy is then considered for the count.

If you have defined Hot Dates, a colored line will appear on that day according to the priority level:

-Red: high priority     -Yellow: low priority     -Orange: normal priority

The Hot Dates indicate dates that are important to you (holidays, events or dates with a particular turnout) and are defined from the zView by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner:

The rooms column 

The first column on the left shows all your physical rooms. The order is the same as in the Planner, so if you change the order in the Planner it will also change accordingly in the zView.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Physical rooms

- the largest white box, indicates the product. In fact, by clicking on it you can choose one of the products that you have created in the Products>Products menu. For example, you can choose to display the DOUB for triple use (DOx3) rather than the one for double use, so that you can see the correct prices in case you have a client on the phone who asks for a room for 3 people.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Products

- The physical room box can be gray, yellow, or green. If it is gray, it means there is no cleaning to be done for today. If it is green, the cleaning has been done. If it is yellow, cleaning is still to be done.

- The icon  indicates Maintenance Needed, such as a broken light bulb in that room that needs to be fixed. If the icon is gray, it means there is nothing reported. If it is yellow, it means there is a report. You can click on it to view it and then mark it as done, or to enter a new report:
Remember that here you will also view Maintenance reports entered by cleaners, but we will talk about that in the specific documentation:

- The icon  indicates the setup with which that camera was prepared today. If it is grey, it means that there is no setup set up. If there is a setup set up, you will find the code and the color you have assigned to that setup. For example, for my "added bed" setup I chose the color green and the code "+let":

NB: The setup appears only when the cleaning of the room has been marked as done. Before that it does not appear, the icon remains grey.

For the creation of setups, you can refer to the documentation below:


In addition to reservations, the boxes of the zView contain a lot of information represented by icons and colors:

- the price for that product, for that day and for the rate you selected at the top of the filter (in the picture, 83.20€)

- the setup (configuration) of the room for that day, if any, indicated by the code. In the picture, Marini Giorgia's room has a "Std" setup, while Rossi Mario's room has a "baby" setup. When the cleaning has already been done, the setup has a green background (like "Std"). If it has not yet been done, it has a white background (like "baby").

- the icons that indicate the type of cleaning, for which you can find the legend at the top right by clicking on  . If they are grey, the cleaning is yet to be done. If they are green, it has already been done.

- the icon indicates that there is a note for the cleaner, for example:

Add a new reservation/closure and operations on reservations

To enter a reservation or closure from the zView, click on the + in the box corresponding to the day/room you want:

At this point a window will open to proceed, which is the same as in the Planner. Once the reservation is entered, by clicking on it, a quick menu will be opened, which is also the same as in the Planner.

You can then follow the documentation of the Planner, precisely the sections "Planner Actions" and "Add a reservation/closure":
☞ Docs: ZaK - Planner

Other features

Finally, you have other tools available on the zView:

  • Broom Paper (configuration and report)

☞ Docs: ZaK - zView: Broom Paper Configuration

☞ Docs: ZaK - Broom Paper Report

  • reporting of necessary Maintenance and Lost and Found items

☞ Docs: ZaK - Maintenance and Lost and Found

  • Meals report

☞ Docs: ZaK - Melas Report

  • Movements report

☞ Docs: ZaK - Movements Report

  • Extras report

☞ Docs: ZaK - Extras Report