ZaK - City Tax Report

This report allows you to check the total city tax for a certain period, including any exemptions and reductions. By selecting a room tag, you can also generate a report per rooms. You can find more info about tags in the article below.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Room tags

To consult this report, you must first configure your city tax at the following section, helping with the documentation below:

Useful Link: ZaK > Settings > Taxes > City Tax

Docs: ZaK - City Tax Configuration

How to check the Report

Once the functionality is configured, you can start checking the report by clicking on the icon on the top right and then on "City Tax":

To generate it, you just need to select some simple parameters, such as the date range and a specific room tag. Click now on the "SEARCH" button:

Let's explain the values displayed in the report.

1) Customers

It is the number of paying guests, to whom the tax is applied. So this is the tax that you find inside your reservations under "GUESTS". The value is divided into:

- Nights: number of nights spent by these customers (sum of the nights spent by each guest).

- Paid days: among the above nights, how many are subject to tax. Not all overnight stays have to be taxed, if your municipality only charges the tax for the first X days.

- Total collected: total value of the tax for those guests

! NOTE: The same data may be found for ROOMS or RESERVATIONS instead of CUSTOMERS, depending on what level the city tax is set inside your reservations and your settings. If you see ROOMS, it means the number of rooms that have been taxed. If you see RESERVATIONS, it means the number of reservations that have been taxed.

2) Exemptions and Reductions

Below you find all your exemptions and reductions that you configured. Again, for each one nights, paid days and total collected are displayed. Exemptions and reductions are not already included in the customers number mentioned above, they are additional.


3) Total Customers

It indicates the total number of guests, including both taxable guests (those of point 2) and exemptions/reductions.

4) Total

It depends on the number of nights subject to tax and the amount indicated in the tourist tax settings, which can be fixed or percentage, per person, per room or per reservation. So the total multiplies the taxable customers by the cost of your tax.

How to get a reliable report?

In order to have a reliable and accurate report, remember to record correctly the data of all the guests of each reservation, and to enter manually any exemption/reduction that does not depend on age.
Also remember that it is necessary to recalculate the tax after each change (more on this below).
A detailed report of the city tax comes from the daily work on every single reservation!

Tax recalculation after changes

As mentioned above, after each change to the reservation it is essential to recalculate the tax in order for the report to be correct. In particular after the following changes
  • change of dates
  • change of occupancy (e.g. you set 3 adults instead of 2)
  • recording the data of a child (if you record the data of a child who is exempt, including the date of birth, you must then carry out the recalculation so that ZaK sets the tax to zero).
If one of these three changes occurs, ZaK detects it and warns you with a red alert icon, also indicating what has changed (when possible):

To recalculate the tax, click on the icon and then on the icon , so that ZaK recalculates it according to the changes you made. If necessary, you can also modify the values manually.
Finally, click on SAVE and the alert will disappear:

What to do if the report seems wrong?

If you think that the report is wrong, then it means that a recalculation of the tax is required for some reservations. For example, if you make some changes inside the reservation, then the tax must be recalculated (see the previous point).

So now you need to open the reservations for that period one by one and recalculate the tax, and then consult the report again.

If you click on "Customers", you will find all the reservations involved. Just click on each one to enter it. Example:

Alternatively, also in the quick link "Checkin/Checkout/Extras" you can check the city tax for each reservations. You'll find both the current one and the one suggested by ZaK (only if you have ESSENTIALS active).
This way you can immediately see if there is any discrepancy between the current tax and the one calculated by ZaK. In this documentation you will find more info on the quick link: