Неплатежеспособность и приостановленные услуги

When a transaction waiting for payment is generated, it will appear in the Balance section of your Account and you will receive an email notification. A warning signal will appear in the home page, as shown in the image below:

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > Finance > Balance

At this point you have more than 4 weeks to make the payment. If you have entered your Credit Card details, the payment will be made automatically after 7 days from the creation of the transaction. If you have not entered your CC (or if the card charge fails), 7 days after the transaction the status changes to "almost insolvent".

☞ Docs: Balance of transactions

If after another 30 days the payment of the transaction is not made, the account is considered insolvent. In this case:

- all services of all properties are automatically deactivated and cannot be reactivated until the debt is paid.
- renewal automatism are disabled and therefore no further costs are generated
- if the Zak Team is enabled, it is disabled
- the section for managing subscriptions is still accessible (even if the services that were subscribed to are not further charged)

To learn more about the consequences of the insolvency status, see this article:

☞ Docs: Disabled Services, what to do?

In order to reactivate any service, the debt must first be settled.

If you find yourself in difficulty and would like to contact us for clarification, do not hesitate to consult our Support article!

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