Как я могу оплатить услуги WuBook?

For more information on how costs are generated and how to check them, please read the following documentation:

☞ Docs: Transactions and cost generation

Once a transaction arrives at the "WAITING FOR PAYMENT" section, there are several ways to make the payment. Let's see them one by one!


To proceed with payment, in the section "WAITING FOR PAYMENT " click on the blue button "PAY NOW":

Choose now to pay by bank transfer by clicking on the specific button:

You'll find now WuBook's coordinates to make the bank transfer:

To:  WuBook srl
Bank:  FinecoBank
IBAN:  IT56E0301503200000003638699

Going on, you'll be redirected to the following section ("PENDING ORDERS"), where you'll have to upload the bank transfer receipt. Our Administration Department will check that the transfer amount is correct and will process the payment. So uploading the receipt is essential for a successful payment.

↳ Useful Link: Finance > Pending orders


In this case too, at "WAITING FOR PAYMENT" section click on "PAY NOW". Then choose "CREDIT CARD" and the system will ask you to enter your card details. This way the payment will be immediate.


If you entered your Card details for automatic renewal, you don't need to worry about anything: the pending costs will be deducted from your Card automatically, 7 days after the transaction was generated. The system will send you several notification emails in case the payment fails (due to Bank or Card issues, such as insufficient funds or expired card).

The Card for automatic renewal can be configured in the following section:

Useful Link: Finance > Payment method


This is a feature that allows you to buy a deposit in advance. For example, you could buy a deposit of a X amount (such as 300€) or a deposit that covers all your annual costs. You can buy it from the following specific section:

↳ Useful Link: Finance > Make a Deposit

Once purchased a deposit, any costs that generate over time in the "CURRENT BALANCE" section will be automatically deducted from your credit (of course only if the credit is greater than the costs generated). In this way no transaction will need to be paid until your credit is exhausted.

! ATTENTION: If you pre buy services and you already have costs in the "Waiting for Payment" section, these will NOT be automatically deducted from your deposit. You need to do it manually. From that section, click on the blue PAY NOW button and choose to use your credit:

In the following documentation, you can find more info about that:

☞ Docs: Make a deposit (pre-buy services)


If you already have a credit/deposit in the "Current Balance" section, but it is not enough to fully cover the cost in "Waiting for Payment", don't worry! You can pay part of it with the deposit and the rest with a Card. For example, if you need to pay €50 but you only have a €20 deposit, you can pay €20 using your deposit and the remaining €30 by Card.

Just click on the blue PAY NOW button and choose to pay by REMAINING CREDIT + CREDIT CARD:

If you continue, you'll be able to choose the Credit Card to pay the amount not covered by your deposit.
Once completed the procedure, you will have correctly paid the cost both by credit and by card.