Reservation Colors

ZaK has a set of colors to be assigned to the reservations in order to easily recognize them on the Planner. Colors allow you to identify "at a glance" if a reservation is direct or entered from the internet, if it has been paid or not, etc etc. etc.

On the planner, on the top side of each reservation you can see from one to three colors that represent its characteristics.

In the Settings > Configurations section you can associate a color to a reservation attribute. There are some default colours with their respective standard associations, but you can create new ones through the "+" button.

↳ Link: Zak (All-in-One) > Settings > Configurations > Planner Colors

Configuration of stay-room

If you use the Broom Paper feature to generate the cleaning sheet, you can to specify the setup of the room, e.g. "with an extra bed" or "with cradle" etc. Inside the card these setup configurations can be associated with different colors.

☞ Docs: Broom Paper

When you assign a configuration to e reservation, the corresponding color will appear in the Planner, as shown in the example below.

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