Zak - New reservation - OBSOLETE SECTION

WARNING: this section is obsolete for new customers

To insert a new reservation, we suggest you set Products and Rates and use Youbook:

☞ Docs: Products

☞ Docs: Rates

☞ Docs: How to create a new reservation

☞ Docs: Youbook

This section, like the new Youbook, allows you to enter a reservation manually.
 It is based on Zak's old pricing system (Fragments and Pricing Plans) in the Settings/Prices section.

↳ Link : Zak > Settings > Prices

However, this article may still be useful for the first Zak users who have not yet switched to the new pricing system..

The page includes three sections: Settings, Rooms, Customer.

In the first column, you can choose the Fragment or Rate Plan to apply to the reservation, as well as board, cancellation rule, and Agency or Company of origin: you can also save a specific configuration as Default to recall it quickly.
In the second column, you can select period, rooms and add a discount from the price lists.

In the third column, you can enter the customer's data and specify if he/she will also be a guest (maybe the reservation is in the name of a company!)
When you fill in one of the customer fields, the system automatically suggests any correspondences already present in your customer archive. It also shows the previous reservations of the same customer.

 At the top, before creating your new reservation, you can change its status and enter a check-in hour.

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